At C.O.R.E and our family, we love to showcase unique and motivating success stories of our past and present patient population. After being treated at our facility, you will also be a part of our extended family.

Zach, C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy, Omaha

Meniscus, low back pain

Sports Performance, Dynamic stretching, Manual Therapy, Agility and jump training. Power production training.

Zach has been training with CORE for more than 6 weeks. He is a Defensive Lineman at Millard West.  In that time, he has gained 10lbs, increased his pro agility time by 10%, increased broad jump by 15% and increased power production testing 10-12%. CORE has worked closely with Zach to increase his balance, flexibility and overall athletic ability, while working around old back and knee injuries. His Performance has been very closely monitored By Dr. Mark Rathjen, Physical Therapist/Strength Coach


At CORE we have a proprietary mix of dynamic stretching , and Power production exercises for sports performance that maximize speed, power and athletic ability. All while minimizing injury risks. This unique blend of working with Doctors of Physical therapy, and strength coaches has led to his success on and off the field. We Commend Zach for his hard work. For more Information click here

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Physical Therapy omaha, west omaha
Jake, C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy, Omaha

Lower back pain, Elbow pain, ankle pain

Sports Performance, CORE dynamic series Stretching DSS1 DSS2 DSS3, Balance and proprioceptive Training.

Jake is a high school athlete, Multi sport. He wanted to get faster, more powerful and better with his agility. At C.O.R.E. we designed and implemented a specialized 3x week program for him to see him for  his specific goals for his specific sports of football and baseball. Taking that into considerations, as well as other weakness and strengths, we devised a program for him that has led him to astound results.

Jake has a history of a few injuries that we are able to work around with ease. As Physical therapists, Dr Mark and Dr. Claire are always looking at safety, mechanics, and injury prevention first, performance comes second.

He has gained strength, power production, and agility for his sports respectively, If you would like to read more details about his success story, Click here

Jake, Proud to make our hall of fame wall.

Jake, Proud to make our hall of fame wall.


Blake's Success store @ C.O.R.E.
Blake, CORE Physical Therapy, Omaha

Low back pain

Manual Therapy, Corrective exercises, Graston Treatment, Mobilizations lumbar spine, Stability training, Sports Performance

Blake came to CORE with a long history of back pain, Playing college Football, he developed some injuries that was holding him back from reaching his highest potential.

After 3 weeks, of very specific manual therapy, corrective exercises, stability training and CORE series 1 and 2 mobility programs, Blake was able to return to playing college football without pain. In fact, within 2 months of returning to a full lifting program, Blake bench pressed a PR of 350lbs, and Power cleaned 315. Both numbers are personal bests for him. Blake’s lifting picture now graces our CORE hall of fame wall.

Blake story is unique, but his rehabilitation progress with Team CORE is not. We treat many local athletes injured from sports, lifting weights, over use injuries, and even car accidents.  At CORE, we treat you like family, and we are determined to show you how to take care of your body and accomplish your goals.

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Femoral acetabular Impingement surgery reconstruction,

Physical therapy, manual therapy, sports performance, squat jumping and running slo motion analysis, proprioception dynamic ex

Kristina is a patient who came to us directly after having an FAI surgery, or Femoral acetabular impingement release surgery, where bone is removed from the front of the hip, to decrease joint grinding  with running and sports. This is a congenital defect.

She initially was non weight bearing, and we progressed with crutches, increasing weight bearing and getting good hip control without range of motion stretching in the beginning. As she progress we began to add increased weight, body weight ex, and single leg balance ex.

After good stability, hip control, quad control and mobility was maintained we began to work on running gait. After 4 weeks of running progression, gait analysis and ex tolerance progression, we added in pre plyo and plyometrics for sports performance, dynamic balance, force and power production and symmetrical loading of the bilateral lower extremities.

As he strength returned, and we stay out of any painful activities, we added joint mobility and stretching as well, she now was ready for full return to swimming, running jumping and weight lifting that she previously had enjoyed.

She was discharged from CORE with our return to sports criteria,

  1. no pain
  2. full motion
  3. full balance static and dynamic
  4. symmetrical 3 hop testing, box testing and single leg squat strength.
  5. symmetrical loaded squatting for full depth, no pain
  6. full jumping loading analysis and symmetry
  7. full running return with symmetry and w/o deviations.
  8. Full dynamic strength testing symmetry left vs right, tested with dynamometer, and functional ex.