At CORE, we always strive to be leaders in our industry in Omaha, and beyond. As Doctors as physical therapy, we are always educating and learning, and we have informational videos to help you do the same. As a bonus, you can get to know us BEFORE you get to pay us a visit.

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Vic’s ACL recovery video montage

The science of Dry needling, how we do it, why we do it, and what its like.

“THE grind” The story of a female power lifter at CORE during the Nebraska state powerlifting championships in the year 2017!


Ever wonder what a patellar tendon repair rehab looks like? HERE is a synopsis of sorts! 1 year in the making here at CORE Physical Therapy and Sports performance.

THIS is what a sports clinic in Omaha with one on one treatment for ACL reconstruction looks like!

DR. Claire has your nutrition on point here in Omaha.

CORE has 2017 in the bag! check out our year here in the Omaha Metro Area

CORE working tirelessly  to help the sports community in Omaha!

What makes the CORE difference at CORE Omaha, Let us tell you!


CORE always happy to help at local sporting events!

Low back pain Dry needling Demo video at CORE Physical Therapy Omaha.


CORE Upper Body DSS1UE


CORE Dynamic Lower body stretching 1 DSS1



CORE Physical Therapy, Magnificent 7 Foam Rolling series.




CORE Physical Therapy, Omaha, Treadmill review



CORE’s favorite CORE exercises, all summed up!



CORE’s 2016 year in review!! Thanks to all that make this possible.