At C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the latest research-based and cutting edge treatment programs and interventions for Physical Therapy. We offer a myriad of services with the interesting of providing you with the best option for optimal recovery in a reasonable time frame. We will empower you for injury prevention after the rehabilitation process.

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic Corrective Exercise

CORE physical therapy west omaha, We utilize individualized  and specialilized exercises to reduce pain, promote stability and strength, and increase range of motion/mobility and symmetry through your daily and sporting lives.

Manual Therapy and Mobilizations

Utilizing the latest research, we offer joint mobility and mobilizations to reduce pain, increase symmetry, improve range of motion, and rehab damaged tissues, in a pain free and safe manner.physical therapy manual mobilization

Muscle Energy Technique

We offer inhibition and neurological stretching techniques that are tried and true, with a state of the art twist, providing increased motion and tissue relaxation without the discomfort of traditional stretching or mobility work


At C.O.R.E we offer an independent massage therapist to be utilized in addition to your rehab, as well as for anyone to come and enjoy a relaxing and healing therapeutic massage.

IASTM/Graston Style Soft Tissue Mobility

We offer techniques to restart the healing process, re-align damaged and disorganized tissue, and break up scar tissue in a fast and efficient manner. We allow the patients to dictate the intensity levels of the techniques, with your comfort and safety as our primary concern.


CORE physical therapy modalities We offer the latest of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, micro current, and Russian stimulation techniques. These modalities reduce inflammation and swelling, can reduce inhibition in weak muscles to allow for proper firing patterns, and improve pain during and after your session.


physical therapy omaha, tractionWe offer both mechanical and manual traction for the lumbar and cervical spines, to allow for released disc compression and pressure, neural decompression, and a faster longer term recovery.

Dry Needling

We are both fully certified in Trigger Point dry needling by Myo-pain. The techniques are based on years of scientific research and practical applications. When appropriate, Dry Needling can reduce muscle pain, tension, muscle knotting and even headaches in just a few shorts sessions.physical therapy omaha, CORE

Proprioceptive and Balance Training

We offer balance, coordination, agility and reaction time based techniques for our Sports Performance athletes and more active individuals.  Additionally, we offer a 4 week fall prevention program for reduced risk in the home and community environment.

CORE physical therapy omaha



Exercise Prescription

Utilizing the latest in scientific research on periodization, we here at C.O.R.E. pride ourselves on our unique and proprietary approach to programming throughout throughout in-season and off-seasons. We offer these services to athletes and regular patient/individuals, by the same Physical Therapists/Sports Performance Coaches that keep your individuals needs/injury consideration in mind.

Physical Therapy omaha, west omaha


Omaha Physical therapy taping

When indicated, we use the latest research to establish taping protocols for KT use in sports, and athletic competition, or postural correction. Dr. Claire Rathjen excels to such a degree in the field she is an adjunct instruction at Creighton University medical center on this very subject manor. You will NOT find someone more qualified.

Sports Performance

At C.O.R.E. we offer Sports Performance integrated in to, as well as in addition to, our Physical Therapy services. We pride ourselves on safety and form first, building a foundation of stability, and working towards the optimal performance for you!

Our programs are individualized for the sport, goals, body size, injury consideration, background, experience level, and position in the sport. All programs and periodization are unique and specialized for their respective sports. We emphasize power production, pre-load plyometric routines, overtraining, speed training, weight and olympic lifting periodization to make you the best you have ever been.

We also recognize the value of your core muscular for safety and injury prevention as well as performance. With both static and dynamic rotation exercises our programs reflect this to the highest degree.

We utilize C.O.R.E.’s state of the art facility for Dynamic Core Training (DCT) in all planes of motion, making you the strongest, fastest, and most agile athlete of your life.

For those less-intense but still active individuals, we integrate Strength and Conditioning, balance, agility and reaction techniques in to your treatment plan, to ensure you reach and exceed your goals when you work with us.