At C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, you can rest assured you are experiencing the very best and most cutting edge level of equipment, environment and technology Omaha has to offer. We are dedicated to using research-based and evidence-based treatments principles for your care. We are also an educational facility, dedicated to teaching young students and communities about Physical Therapy, scientific research, and state of the art technology in our field. We spared no expense at our facility in terms of equipment, safety, and training. Our facility personifies these great qualities.

Our husband and wife team  are the best in the business and they own the clinic outright.

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omaha physical therapy

Indoor padded conditioning turf

omaha physical therapy85 ft indoor padded conditioning turf (5mm padding) for the ultimate sprinting, agility buidling and cutting surface. This surface is both fast and safe. physical therapy omaha, CORE TURF

Impact/shock resistance flooring

Omaha physical therapy, COREomaha physical therapy2500 square feet of impact/shock resistance flooring for plyometrics and reduced impact and fatigue. It also is a very high traction anti-slip surface for the highest degree of safety.

Safety Equipment

Omaha Physical Therapy CORE PFYour safety is our #1 concern.  Our strength and conditioning equipment is the safest in the industry. We have padded plyo-boxes, safety spotter straps, safety cages and adjustable monolift attachments to better suite your needs to grow stronger in a safe and comfortable environment, even while recovering from an injury. At CORE, you will never be lifting or working alone.

Full overspeed training system

Our full overspeed training system for speed and power development, as well as our plyometric and dynamic stretching routine protocols developed by our Physical Therapists and Sports Performance Coaches. Our programs are proprietary and unique to the industry.physical therapy

Full Conditioning and Olympic lifting Equipment.

PHysical therapy omaha fullsizeoutput_1450Conditioning sleds, Loaded kegs, Sports Cords, Battle ropes, kettle bells, hurdles, ladders, vertical jump, free motion machine, olympic lifting platform, tornado balls, We HAVE it ALL. If we need something else, we will buy it!

Community Outreach

Physical Therapy Omaha

We are INVOLVED with offering free educational classes, workouts, race coverages, medical coverage. We give back!